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Celebration Dialysis

Celebration, FL



(407) 566-1780


Celebration Dialysis
1154 Celebration Blvd
Celebration, FL 34747

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Celebration Dialysis

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ESRD Network of Florida, Inc.
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Peter Uva says:
my wife finally decided to have dialysis, she went to celebration hospital to get a catheter and 4 great 3 hour treatments before she left, she felt great she could do cartwheels. but, nobody knew any information on the next steps. after 4 incompetent social workers and 3 doctors gave her wrong info, she asked them if she could work during the day and have treatments at night. so what did they do, they set her up for 6 hour nocturnal treatments instead of 3 hour treatments. the incompetence was so bad that the technicians ask my wife (ASKED THE PATIENT) what numbers to put into the machine, the hospital didn’t do that. she could only bear 5 of the 6 hours and she felt like shit. we told them only be 3 hours, but the next treatment they set up for 4 hours. after 3 hours her blood pressure was 70/30 and they gave her fluids, so much that she gained weight. later she couldn’t breath and called 911. the hospital is still trying to remove fluids and they stated she had a heart attack.